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NPE Students Use Art to Express ‘What Lifts You’

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

For Nate Perry Elementary art teacher Christina Cutlip, introducingnpewings2 her students to contemporary artists is just as important as teaching them about Picasso and DaVinci.

This fall, Cutlip and her students studied the work of international street artist Kelsey Montague. Known for exploring how public art, interactive art and social media intersect, Montague’s What Lifts You campaign inspires people to think about what is important to them and share it with others through their art – in person and online.

“She wants people to inspire each other and have a positive impact on social media,” Cutlip said.

After learning more about Montague’s campaign, Cutlip wanted to start a similar school-wide art project reinforcing what the students have learned through The Positivity Project. NPE students and staff were asked to decorate feathers – of different sizes and colors - with symbols or designs that express what brings them joy and happiness. Once completed, the feathers were added to a colorful display in the school’s hallway to inspire students and staff when they walk by each day.

The art project has been such a hit that its positive message has reached beyond NPE’s walls.

“The kids have taken what they have learned in class and are sharing it at home,” Cutlip said excitedly.

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