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Schedule Set for Last Week of School

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Given the extraordinary winter weather conditions that resulted calendarchangein most school districts using more than their allotted snow/ emergency days, questions were posed to the New York State Education Department regarding possible exceptions to the state mandates for meeting the required days of school attendance.

As a result, the NYS Education Department provided school officials with its “Attendance and School Calendar” guidelines for reporting and claiming state aid. Additionally, the guidance document reaffirmed the requirements and mandates for full and half-days eligible for state aid:

“School districts must be in attendance for all students for no less than 180 days. Included in the 180 days are days on which Regents Examinations, State Assessments or local examinations are given and days on which Superintendent’s Conference days are held. School district officials may not claim partial or full attendance on days when classes are not in actual session.”

After much consultation with area superintendents, the Liverpool Central School District has determined that the last week of school for elementary and middle school students will be outlined as such:

  • Monday, June 19: Full Day of School
  • Tuesday, June 20: Full Day of School
  • Wednesday, June 21: Full Day of School
  • Thursday, June 22: Full Day of School
  • Friday, June 23: Early Dismissal (see specific building for dismissal time)

Thank you for your understanding.


Dr. Mark F. Potter
Superintendent of Schools

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