Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Supply List



The starred (*) items will go toward shared classroom supplies that will be pooled together. They will be disseminated throughout the school year as needed. Therefore, there is no need to label these items. 


Writing Utensils:

* Steady supply of pencils (Ticonderoga works best with our sharpeners)

* Steady supply of erasers

- Hand-held pencil sharpener

* Crayons

* Markers

* Two Highlighters

* Four Dry erase markers (low odor please, no yellow) -- Students use these daily and will need a steady supply throughout the year. 


Paper Supplies: 

* One package of loose leaf  paper

- Two 1- subject notebooks 



- Two plastic 2-pocket folders (paper ones tend to rip)

- Good scissors 

* Glue sticks

- Zipper supply pouch with name on it (no boxes)

- Granola bars for our NPE Backpack Program


* Please- No binders. There is not enough room in the desks! 

Donations : Tissues, Ziploc bags, Low odor dry erase markers, Pencils, Antibacterial Wipes